Steve’s View #6

A lot of people have been asking who is this person I talked about in Steve’s View #4. Well, the answer is Vince Russo. I had gotten several e-mails telling me Russo is joining XPW, one from a respected source. I didn’t really believe it, mainly because I doubt Rob Black and Kevin Kleinrock would want to give up any control of the booking. But, anything is possible, especially with XPW. I’m glad XPW did not make that mistake.

Then again, who knows with the way XPW killed its titles credibility once again.

Revolution Pro is back. The Spirit of Revolution Tournament kicks off this Saturday at 5:00 pm at the Norwalk Indoor Swap Meet. With the tournament finally starting, and Revolution J coming in July, this could be the summer of Revolution Pro.

Lonnie and I have joined the staff of Kayfabe Magazine. It is a very fine site, one that aims to more than just copy and paste news from other sites. Hopefully this will allow to better help promote the wrestling scene here in SoCal and at the same time give us a place to comment on things going on outside of the area.

Some SoCal fed needs to book Survival Tobita. I think an appearance by Tobita would solidify SoCal has the hottest area in wrestling right now.

Not a whole lot going on this month. What could have been a huge month in SoCal turned out ho hum. Only 5 feds ran shows this month, so I doubt there will be much drama in the Top 5 Feds for May.

XPW’s Redemption was leaps and bounds better than Scene of the Crime. With the happenings at Redemption, the next show will be interesting to say the least.

WCWA’s next show will take place on the 14th of July. No venue has been announced yet.

Rankings for May should be out sometime this weekend.

I know, a pretty short View this time around. My mind is on finals, and finals are on my mind.

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