Steve’s View #5

What more is there to say about last Saturday’s MPW show that hasn’t been said? The show was solid and all the workers gave it 100%. Did the show live up to the hype? No, but it would have been hard for any show to live up the hype MPW recieved. Politics played a major part in the show, as Frankie Kazarian was not allowed to wrestle by UPW. It came down to a choice between working last Saturday’s MPW show or last Tuesdays’s WWF Smackdown. Frankie made the right choice. By showing up and handing over the title to Little Guido, he showed that not only is he one of the top wrestlers in SoCal but also a class act.

The next MPW card on July 28th will feature Super Dragon vs. Low-Ki and Adam Pearce vs Chris Chetti. MPW just continues to put together awesome matches. Super Dragon vs. Low-Ki is a dream match.

This is the last word from me on the whole UPW “rule”. John Cena, Prototype from UPW, now in Ohio Valley Wrestling was on Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Live on the 23rd and this is what he had to say when asked:

The same caller asks why Rick Bassman won’t let guys work some other shows. Dave says he heard something about Frankie Kazarian not working a show Saturday. John says he has a pretty good insight into that. He says Frankie wrestled on Millennium Pro Wrestling’s first show and won a strap. He says Millennium is a Southern California rival and that they were going to start running TV. John says UPW doesn’t have a TV show yet, and Rick Bassman doesn’t want his talent wrestling for them he doesn’t want them introduced on somebody else’s TV. John says he was working indies all the time and Rick isn’t against that, its just the TV thing which John thinks is perfectly logical.

It makes perfect sense to me. No one is forced to work anywhere.

There has been a bit of talk about the Aligator Death Match that ACW will be having on June 8th. In Japan the aligators are usually pretty drugged up and are on the outside of the ring. Because of the amount of drugs, the wrestlers actually have to pull the aligators on top of them and roll around with it.

ACW’s will be a little different. The aligator will be in the ring, with it’s mouth un-secured, during the match. Winner must trap the gator’s mouth and remove the belt from around it’s neck. Should be interesting to see.

We added a new events forum on the message board. Since there has been so many posts on the board, when federations post their events it gets pushed off the main page in a couple days. Now everyone has a quick refrence that they wont have to surf through other discussions to see upcoming cards and event results. We will see how this works out over the next couple weeks.

XPW’s Redemption is this weekend. I wish XPW would announce a few more matches before the show. One of the announced matches I am looking forward to is Lady Victoria vs Angel. Lady Victoria was the first female wrestler to make our top 15 last month. I think she could do it again.

Revolution Pro’s show for Friday, May 25th has been postponed. Still no date has been announced for that show to take place.

Also WCWA’s June 16th show has been postponed also. No date announced for that one either.

I have to give props to Joshua Shibata on some great interviews. If you haven’t read them yet I suggest you check them out. Especially the King Faviano interview. He had a lot to say.

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