SoCal UNCENSORED World Tour Info

What is the Socal UNCENSORED World Tour? Basiclly over the summer SCU will be traveling outside of SoCal to sample some shows out of our area and reporting on the adventures we have. Sort of like when Marco Polo went to China and then told the Western World of his exploits. SCU will tour the World (well, at least a very small part of it) then let SoCal know of our exploits.

Where will SoCal UNCENSORED travel? Last year I went to Calgary and attended a Stampede Wrestling show, this year who knows where our travels may take us.

How many places will we travel? Once again, who knows? Could be two, could be twenty. Only time will tell.

The only thing that is certain right now is that Stage 1 will take SCU to Tijuana, Mexico. So look for SoCal UNCENSORED World Tour: Stage 1 this weekend.


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