A Rebuttal of Flapping Phoenix

I’m surprised I’m doing this. Really now, should I bother to debate with a man that can’t spell his friggin’ screenname half the time?

Note: The word is “PHOENIX”. O before E.

“Earlier tonight, I had the pleasure of being in a chat room with someone called “REV.” I STILL don’t know who this guy is. He said, “I’m me.” Yeah, that’ll let us know who you are, dick. “

And first we start with the namecalling. Hell, son.. Plenty of people know who I am. But since you choose to be ignorant, I’ll explain:

I’m known under many nicknames/etc. Most people in SoCal do call me “Rev” Some call me Scott. Some even call me by the name I was born under, but to be clear to most, My nom de plume in this sundry little wrestling community is Scott Mercutio. I ring announce for UIWA and MPW, and work on the production crew for UPW. And I AM an ordained minister and have been since 1995, so the “Rev” title is official and legitimate.

My first dispute is the following:
“The “REV” said that at SoCal-Wrestling.com, rankings were not biased. He said the rankings at CAWrestling.com were not biased. He said the rankings at SoCalUNCENSORED were. He bitch, and complained. and bitched some more. I didn’t chat, as I let null and Steve do the talking for me. “

I never mentioned CAWrestling’s rankings. The only rankings I spoke of was the rankings I sent to SoCal-Wrestling myself. And it wasn’t even about the wrestlers being ranked, (I had many of the same, with the exception that I had Grimes ranked.) I had more of a dispute with the matches ranked, but could see an obvious leaning towards XPW. I found it EXTREMELY hard to believe that people would pick Messiah/Grimes -v- Supreme/New Jack (which I’ve heard no buzz about until you gave it your high ranking) over B-Boy -v- Super Dragon. (Which some are heralding as a Indy Match of the Year Candidate) That would be a Revolution Pro match. The only UIWA mention I made AT ALL was that y’all should’ve seen B-Boy -v- Pinoy Boy in Port Hueneme, as it was a great match and the crowd was eating it up.

“We laughed. “

No, they responded. You stayed silent apparently and didn’t feel the need to back yourself up.

“He then went on to say how the column pieces at SoCalUNCENSORED have nothing to do with the So Cal scene. Well, what do you call Mr. Hill’s GREAT interview with Cincinnati Red? What do you call my Nobel Piece Prize column entitled, “RE: Marks”? How about Diablo’s column where he takes up the challenge XPW issued to all media persons? How about my review of XPW’s BAPTIZED IN BLOOD? What do YOU call it? Garbage? “

The only article I mentioned was yours (Re: Marks). It was basically a flame on Jason McCord, and badly written at that, ESPECIALLY in comparison with your XPW recap, which was well written and informative. I did question them putting Re:Marks up because it was lame and was meant for a message board.

You have potential, “Phoenix”. Your tape recap is the best written of an XPW tape I’ve seen, and you still recognized the low-points in the match, which puts you ahead of Scott “If it ain’t Canadian, I don’t care” Keith. I’d advise sticking to that rather than wasting your time writing flames, especially when they aren’t factual.

Next time you choose to flame me, Ranmal, do it to my face. Don’t sit idly by if you have a problem with my opinion and then come up with various stories for an article because they sound better than the truth. And learn to spell the nickname you hide behind.