The State of the Website Rankings?

Earlier tonight, I had the pleasure of being in a chat room with someone called “REV.” I STILL don’t know who this guy is. He said, “I’m me.” Yeah, that’ll let us know who you are, dick.

He was in the chat room, expressing his displeasures with the ranking system, or ranking results, here at Diabl. I mean STEVE tried to explain that the rankings were based on rankings sent in by 5 PRESTEGIOUS people. The “Flapping Phoenix” happened to be one of those.

And he wanted a recount.

The “REV” said that at, rankings were not biased. He said the rankings at were not biased. He said the rankings at SoCalUNCENSORED were. He bitch, and complained. and bitched some more. I didn’t chat, as I let null and Steve do the talking for me.

Why was our friend “REV” mad? Well, when I entered the room, he was bitching about how the UIWA was not ranked to his liking. He complained about how he thought our rankings were biased. He said the ranking system at was truthful, and unbiased.

We laughed.

He then went on to say how the column pieces at SoCalUNCENSORED have nothing to do with the So Cal scene. Well, what do you call Mr. Hill’s GREAT interview with Cincinnati Red? What do you call my Nobel Piece Prize column entitled, “RE: Marks”? How about Diablo’s column where he takes up the challenge XPW issued to all media persons? How about my review of XPW’s BAPTIZED IN BLOOD? What do YOU call it? Garbage?

I think not, sir!

Yes, this column is not about the wrestling scene, but there’s really nothing to talk about. What, want to talk about how Bassman is holding out on his wrestlers like Diablo holds out his weed? Want to talk about how everywhere I go, I see that monkey-looking-motherfucker Doc? AND HE’S DOING RUNNING-FUCKING-COMMENTARY!

I may not be a web-master at this shit-hole. I mean, this fine web page, run by two of the most handsomest, yes, handsomest, men I’ve EVER had the pleasure of masturbating. Oh, yes. And I’m not a homosexual. unlike McCord. But I do have my own opinion.

See, my columns are not to be taken seriously. My little rant on McWhatever was a joke. It shouldn’t have been taken seriously, but you seemed to think it was. You even made jokes on McCord yourself. And you call yourself a “Reverend,” PUH-LEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASE!

The truth is, SoCalUNCENSORED is THE best web page covering Southern California right now. And this isn’t even a news site. The only site that updates as much as these two guys with no lives (Hill and Diablo), are those fine young bucks over at doesn’t update. If they do, it’s when a UIWA/UPW show rolls around.

Let’s face it is nothing but a shill site now. They give away their anuses to such promotions as UPW, and UIWA. Do they cover XPW? No. Even though XPW, sadly, is the best promotion in Southern California right now. It’s a sick thing to say, but it’s true. But does So Cal cover it? No. Do I see Super Mario at EVERY show? Do I see “Super Mario” Hasson at EVERY XPW show? Yes sir, I do.

Do they cover Revolution Pro, ANOTHER great Southern California promotion trying to make a name for it-self? No.

Do they cover ANY promotion that they’re not “reffing” or announcing at? No.

Why? Why don’t YOU guys be unbiased, and cover Southern California wrestling to your full extent? Why must you bitch at us because we actually GO TO OTHER SHOWS?

You say you guys are going to re-launch. When? Why? Is it even going to happen? Why do you say you’re the best website covering Southern California, when you don’t cover dick? Why, because you were the first to form? Hmm? Why, because you guys shill off your bodies to Bassman, and that poop-face, Marlee?

Listen, this is not a “website war.” This isn’t SoCalUNCENSORED saying “FUCK YOU” to all the websites covering Southern California wrestling. I don’t represent this website, filled with gay porn in secret directories, at all. I just write a column where I can say “FUCK” as many times as I want. But you questioned how these guys run their site. You questioned their opinion. You can take this column, and simply ignore. I know you are. But “REV,” why must you question these guys?

Why, good sir? Is it THAT important to you?

Does my opinion matter? No, it doesn’t.

You guys say you’re the best website in Southern California, for Southern California wrestling. Then prove me the fuck wrong. Do the fucking re-launch, and shut me the fuck up. Go ahead.

I’m waiting.

Still waiting, guys.

Guess not, eh? Fine.

Don’t question the way these guys run their website. Don’t say your opinion is the right one. Just don’t. Play nice, okay?

I am the “Flapping Phoenix” Ranmal, and my opinion doesn’t mean shit.

(My email is hosted by isn’t that… ironic?)