For those of you that don’t know me (you probably don’t), I am Jason McCord, a referee for Revolution Pro Wrestling in Santa Fe Springs. Some of you have probably seen my “outspoken” posts on, but pretty much censors their whole board. If the moderators see something they don’t like, they will probably delete it. But I decided to post this on, which is a more fitting environment for such a foul mouth person like myself. Now, to the point!

I was hoping someone else more notable would write what I am about to write, probably because it would reach out to the fans more. A wrestler will relate to a fan much more than a referee. But I have sat back, read the message boards, and ont a word has been mentioned about this, and it pisses me off!

The word “mark” has been thrown around very loosely in my view, a little too loosely I might add. People on the message boards in southern california, and I am talking about all the message boards (and not just, like to talk trash. Talking trash is fine (I do my fair share of it myself), but just because you don’t like someone or their views, or what kind of wrestling they watch, or shit like that. This does not mean they are a “mark”, and you’re not! This just means you’re an asshole, a big asshole!

Let me define the word “mark” in MY words. In my words, a “mark” is anyone who enjoys wrestling, a “mark” is someone who will pay for a ticket to see a show, a “mark” is someone who works the show that “marks” pay to see. Are you catching my drift here? You should. If you are reading this right now, guess what? You’re a fucking mark, and you should be proud!

It pisses me off to see someone call some guy a mark, because god forbid that they wear an “Austin 3:16” shirt! God forbid that they buy a “Dudley Boyz” foam hand! God forbid they buy a fucking action figure even! Are you catching my saurcasm here? Good! The people that talk shit saying that someone is a “mark”, think that they are not marks! Well, to those people, I give a big FUCK YOU! I say FUCK YOU, because you are a “mark”, whether you like it or not! I am a “mark”, and I love it! Mr. Hill is a “mark”, and he loves it! Rick Bassman is a “mark”, and I don’t know if he realizes it or not, but even the “allmighty” Rick Bassman is a “mark”. If you post on the message boards, if you ever idolized a wrestler as a kid, if you ever bought a ticket to see a show, then you’re a “mark”!

As for the workers, they are “marks” as well, and I am sure most of them will admit, and that they are proud to be a “mark”. When you go to an Indy show in So-Cal and you get to talk to someone who worked the show that night, just ask them what made them get into the business, what made them want to take a bump, who did they idolize as a kid? You know what? I guarantee that you will get an answer to all of those questions. Personally, I idolized The Ultimate Warrior and Roddy Piper as a kid. You may hear those names mentioned by a worker if you ever get to talk to one sometime.

In closing, all I am saying is, I want the bullshit to stop! I am sick of seeing fans being looked at a lower standard just because they like to wear an “Austin 3:16” shirt, or because they like to wear pants like the Hardy Boyz. As a fan, you should do what you like as it regards to your support of wrestling, and if anyone has a problem with what you are doing and calls you a “mark”. Just ask them where the fuck they were years ago, who they wanted to be like as a kid, and things to that nature. It will make them think a little bit about where their roots as a fan are, and maybe they will be more humble in the future!

That’s my F’N story, and to those who think I was directing this at you, you are correct, my friend, you are indeed correct!

-Jason McCord