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The SoCal Pro-Wrestling Awards are a series of awards used to honor the best in Southern California wrestling for each calendar year. The awards are made up of several different categories that honor individual wrestlers, tag teams, promotions, rookies, and matches. The SoCal Pro-Wrestling awards can be traced back to 1999 when held their year end awards. After opening in 2001, held its own awards and is the only website that honors the best in Southern California every year. The voting is made up of webpoll voting on the SoCalUncensored message board, which makes up 35% of the total vote, ballot votes submitted by various entities in the Southern California wrestling community, which makes up 65% of the vote.

Wrestler of the Year

The Wrestler of the Year Award is awarded to the best overall professional wrestler to compete in SoCal during the calendar year. Super Dragon holds the record for most Wrestler of the Year awards won by a wrestler. In 2005, Kevin Steen became the first wrestler based outside of Southern California to win the award, and in 2007 El Generico became the second.

Match Of The Year

The Match of the Year Award is awarded to the best match to take place in Southern California during the calendar year. Since 2004, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla was responsible for booking each Match Of The Year winner and runners up. Super Dragon has been part of five Match of the Year winners since the award was first handed out by in 1999. 2006 was the first year the award had been won by two matches as the result of a tie.

Most Outstanding Wrestler

The Most Outstanding Wrestler of the Year Award is awarded out to the best wrestler based only on in ring talent and ability. The award was established in 2006. El Generico won the award for the first two years. After winning the award in 2007, Generico became the only wrestler to win the Wrestler Of The Year award, Most Outstanding Wrestler Of The Year award, and Match Of The Year award in the same year.

Rookie Of The Year

The Rookie of the Year Award is awarded out to the best rookie in Southern California. To be eligible for the award a wrestler must have made their official professional after August of the previous calendar year. Previous winners of the SoCal Rookie of the Year award include B-Boy, Samoa Joe, TJ Perkins, Quicksilver, Human Tornado and 2011 WWE Tough Enough Contestant Eric Watts. Runners up for the award include wrestlers such as Scorpio Sky, and Matt Jackson. In 2006, Carla Jade became the first woman to be awarded Rookie of the Year.

Tag Team Of The Year

The Tag Team of the Year Award to the best Southern California based tag team. Teams who have won the award include the Ballard Brothers, the Havana Pitbulls (Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero), the X-Foundation (Joey Ryan & Scott Lost), Aerial Express (Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver), Arrogance (Scott Lost & Chris Bosh), Cape Fear (El Generico & Quicksilver), and the Young Bucks.

Promotion Of The Year

The Promotion Of The Year Award is awarded to the best promotion to run in Southern California during the year. To be eligible for the award a promotion must hold at least three or four shows a year in Southern California to be considered. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla has won the award every year since it the promotion was established in 2003. Ultimate Pro Wrestling won the award twice in 2000 and 2002. The Alternative Wrestling Show came in second place from 2004-2006. Revolution Pro won the award in 2001 and came in second place in 2002 and 2003.