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The EWF Cruiserweight Championship was the top cruiserweight title for wrestlers under 220 lbs. in the Empire Wrestling Federation. Liger Rivera was crowned the first champion on November 24, 2004 in Covina, CA. The title was retired in 2011.

Wrestler Won From: Reign: Date Won: Location: Notes:
Liger Rivera Kid Karnage, Ryan Taylor, & June Lee 1 November 24, 2004 Covina, CA Won the title in a Four Way Elimination Match.
Red Tornado Liger Rivera & Ryan Taylor 1 April 23, 2005 Riverside, CA Defeated Rivera and Taylor in a Triple Threat Match
Liger Rivera Red Tornado 2 May 21, 2005 Riverside, CA
Bino Gambino Liger Rivera 1 July 16, 2005 San Bernardino, CA
The K.I.D.D. Bino Gambino 1 July 22, 2005 Covina, CA
Bino Gambino The K.I.D.D. 2 August 26, 2005 Carson, CA
Joey Harder Bino Gambino 1 September 22, 2005 San Francisco, CA
Ryan Taylor Joey Harder 1 June 9, 2006 Covina, CA
Markus Riot Ryan Taylor 1 July 13, 2007 Covina, CA Defeated Taylor in a two out of three falls match.
Ryan Taylor Markus Riot 2 August 10, 2007 Covina, CA
Maximo Ryan Taylor 1 October 26, 2007 Covina, CA Defeated Taylor in a title vs. title match with Maximo's Baja California Light Heavyweight Championship on the line.
Markus Riot Maximo 2 December 9, 2007 Covina, CA
JT Blackstar Markus Riot 1 April 18, 2008 Covina, CA
Jermey Jaeger JT Blackstar & Chris Kadillak 1 August 22, 2008 Covina, CA Defeated Blackstar & Kadillak in a Triple Threat Match.
Chris Kadillak Jeremy Jaeger 1 May 15, 2009 Covina, CA
Brandon Parker Chris Kadillak 1 October 30, 2009 Covina, CA Defeated Kadillak in a two out of three falls match.
Tim Lovato Brandon Parker & Chris Kadillak 1 December 27, 2009 Rowland Heights, CA Defeated Parker & Kadillak in a Triple Threat Match
Brandon Parker Tim Lovato 2 May 21, 2010 Covina, CA
Ray Rosas Brandon Parker 1 June 13, 2010 Riverside, CA

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