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Jonathan Barber756
08-15-2004, 06:57 PM
Found this on WrestlingObserver.com:

New Japan USA TV report

by Jared Sanchez

New Japan USA TV report: 8-13-04 from Santa Monica, CA
by Jared B. Sanchez

CM Punk, Scott Corvair and Todd Keneley welcome everyone to New Japan USA, and assures us were in for a treat: we will see a New Japan MMA rules bout. Also in action we will see the IWGP Light Heavyweight Championship on the line as Heat defends against "Pitbull" Rocky Romero.

Match #1
Adam Pearce vs. Yano (this Yano's American debut).

Yano has lost every match for the last 3 months, mostly by DQ. This is his
big chance to turn around his horrible streak in his US debut. Adam Pearce
came down to the ring wearing a vintage Ric Flair-style blue robe. Pearce
had a great match at the first NJPW USA show. He looks to be in great

Match begins with a couple of collar/elbow tie ups, and Pearce sems to have
the upper hand. Yano, in frustration, spits out a mist into Pearce's eyes,
thus gaining the advantage. Yano wastes no time as he follows up by
chocking Pearce with his own wristband. The tide changes as Pearce powers
his way back, which then causes Yano to weasel outside the ring and take a
breath. Yano teases walking back to the dressing room, but Pearce chases
him back inside. Just when Pearce thought he was in control, Yano pulls out
the wrist band again, and the action spills outside the ring. Yano pulls
out a boot and begins chopping Pearce across the chest, much to the delight
of these rabid ECW-like fans. Then, to add insult to injury, Yano pulls
Pearce's head way back and makes him chug a bottle of Saki Beer. But
apparently, Pearce saved some of the Saki in his mouth, and when they went
back in the ring, Pearce spit the whole thing out in Yano's face. Pearce
now on top, and Yano loses it. He starts whipping Pearce across the back
with a leather belt and then smacks him with a Japanese style umbrella. The
ref calls for a DQ, and Yano's losing streak is intact. Pearce gets
interviewed at ringside, barking out trash talk, and looking very much like
a 97' era Austin.

Winner: Adam Pearce by DQ.

Match #2

MMA rules:

*Three minute rounds
*1 minute rest period
*Win by submission or knockout only
*No pinfalls

Hamanaka vs. The Iceman

Hamanaka goes for the legs right away but Iceman moves too quickly and
counters his first 2 takedown attepmts. The third time around, Hamanaka gos
for the legs and delivers a sick looking spinebuster on Iceman. Hamanaka
stays on top of Iceman, punching him directly in the face! This is great
stuff here. Iceman tries to wrap his legs around Hamanaka in a counter
attempt, but Hamamaka continues with his face punching flurries. Both men
manage to get back on their feet, and exchange kick attempts. Hamanaka is
in total control of this first round, again taking Iceman down into a front
face lock, and more face punching fun. The bell rings, and round one is

Round #2

The round starts off with both men running towards each other and exchanging brutal punches to the head, but Iceman can't keep up with Hamanaka. The ref stops the match when Iceman is unable to defend himself.

Winner: Hamanaka

American Dragon is interviewed backstage, and complains of the unfairness in
NJPW USA. He says he should be getting the IWGP lightweight title shot
tonight. But this is ok he states, as he is on his way to bigger, better

Match #3

Bobby Quance vs. Joey Kaos (formerly from XPW)

Match begins with great technical exchanges, almost like early RVD vs. Jerry
Lynn stuff. Bobby Quance is looking fantastic here. Kaos tries to power
his way into control, but Bobby Quance is too much for him to handle at this
point. Quance lets his guard down and Kaos takes control, but only for a
moment. Quance overwhelmes Kaos with his ultra-technical style. Kaos
manages to do a reversal, and lands a falling RKO on Quance. This is the
last upperhand Kaos attains in this match, as Bobby wins with a shooting
star press.

Samoa Joe is interviewed at ringside, and Bradley interupts. Samoa Joe
clocks Bradley hard to the head, and the men brawl until CM Punk breaks it
up. Punk and Joe then have a face off, then they both agree to pound on
Bradley again.

Curry Man is now interview, and talks about all the "flavor" he will bring
into NJPW USA.

Match #4
IWGP Lightheavyweight Championship
Heat vs. Ricky Romero
Simon Inoki is the guest ring announcer.

Heat takes the early advantage, executing a great series of technical
exchanges, and a fantastic looking dropkick. Romero conters with more
exchanges and a great dropkick of his own. The men circle each other around
the ring, measuring the other up. Heat and Romero take it to the mat, and
continue with more great locks and counterlocks, introducing great
submission moves seldom seen in America. Romero ties up heat with a sitting
double arm bar, but Heat makes it to the ropes to break the hold. The fans
are solidly behind Romero. Heat ignores the fans, but starts showing more
heel tactics. The match is full of great acrobatic moves, fantastic back
and forth action. Strong style now becomes the theme of the match, with
stiff punches and a great knee lift by Romero. There is a great spot where
Romero puts Heat in his own finishing manuever, the Minoura armbar, and Heat once again manages to make it to the ropes, breaking the hold. Romero's luck runs out though, and Heat retains with his Minura armbar finish.
Winner: by submission, Heat

Another great show from NJPW USA. Last week there was no show, and they had a repeat of the first show the week before that. As of now, looks like the
new time slot is on Fridays at 8pm.

SoCal Tom Walters
08-15-2004, 08:20 PM
Haha, "Jared Sanchez". Lolz@that being a real person.

08-15-2004, 10:32 PM
Yeah.. "Jared Sanchez" Ha ! You so crazy Tim Wiltern.

SoCal Tom Walters
08-15-2004, 10:47 PM
Yeah.. "Jared Sanchez" Ha ! You so crazy Tim Wiltern.

Get your own material.

08-16-2004, 12:02 AM
Get your own material.
Are you telling this to Scrub or Dave Meltzer? LOLZ Meltzer steals news.

08-16-2004, 12:49 AM
Any news on who this Iceman guy is ?

Sorry, but I know the name from someone. I know there's an Iceberg as well, so there is NO mix up going on here.

08-16-2004, 01:01 AM
Bonus match from the Vault after end of match #4, who's guys in WLW match?

08-16-2004, 09:34 AM
Any news on who this Iceman guy is ?

Sorry, but I know the name from someone. I know there's an Iceberg as well, so there is NO mix up going on here.

He used to be known as "Iceman" John Black in EWF & other companies.