View Full Version : EPW Ringside Rush Preview Show is up and running!

07-18-2006, 07:57 AM
From: http://epwwrestling.com

A special EPW Ringside Rush preview show will be up and running by tomorrow morning! We'll talk to several competitors about their entry into the Ringside Rush and if they think they'll be selected. This is the "pre-game show" we'll be showing before the Rush in Seekonk.


We'll talk to:
"Revolution" Chris Venom
Chunky But Funky
Steve "The Turtle" Weiner
Doug Summers
Clip O'Reilly
"Rocket" Fred Curry
Thom Kane
The Hot Shots
Joe Chece
Sid Momentum
Jon Thornhill
Shawn Stanley

Thanks for watching!

EPW Staff