Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 316 Review: The Stone Cold Edition

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Before I start, I recently reviewed the CWFH Red Carpet Roll Out event on Saturday. I wrote a comment about CWFH running a show at a comic book store being “bush league” as a joke. Some didn’t get it. I got a few comments and messages about it. Now I understand that the novelty of that event got CWFH some press, but it was a wrestling show at a comic book store. I found innocent humor in it, and made a joke.

With that said, enjoy our regularly schooled program.

The  Fite TV app says this is episode 316.What happened to episode 315? Well, who know or cares. All I know is that number means one thing: Stone Cold Steve Austin tribute review!

We start the episode off with The Office represented by Peter Avalon, the Classic Connection, and the fake Marquez son being interviewed by Grant. They have a match against three dudes. Peter buried Suede Thompson. Then the outdated intro video played. It seemed like it’s going to be a shtity start to the show, but that quickly changed.

Joe Galli and a guy named Karl Mandik were calling the action. Karl actually seemed like a decent commentator. They ran down the card. Along with the Office in a six man tag, we have Joey Ryan vs. Brody King and DJ Hyde vs. Bateman in the main event. One of the biggest complaints I always make about this program is their inability to promote what was coming up on their show. I even went as far as to mention that THIS is how CWFH should open their shows rather than having a boring promo to start things off. This was a huge improvement from CWFH. I mean, it was my idea after all.

After they ran down the card, we see footage of a pre-show match with D’Marco Wilson and Jake Atlas in action with Kevon Condron (Jervis Cottonbelly) as the referee. There was an issue with Condron and Atlas, which resulted in Atlas being attacked by Condron. This was also a really good way to start the show. It was different and gave this episode a more unique vibe than usual.

United Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Ryan Taylor & Dicky Mayer vs. Oliver Grimsly & Jarek 1:20

So this was a #1 contender’s match between a team that just recently formed, and a team that has never teamed before on this program. This company really sucks at building and maintaining a tag team division. Ryan Taylor and Jarek 1:20 had a nice opening exchange. Oliver Grimsly was pretty boring in this. He’s like a Juggalo that’s in decent shape and does a bunch basic offense. The fake crowd noise continued to be an awful distraction. Dave Marquez needs to stop being so goddamn stubborn and drop that shit.

The heels worked over Dicky Mayer for a bit after a commercial break, and the match started to get pretty boring. Ryan Taylor got the hot tag, and the crowd went mild. It’s really hard for fans to get invested in a hot tag when the match is boring. Mayer and Taylor got the win to become the #1 contenders for the tag titles. There was no real energy in this match. This was pretty boring for the most part and had no real story. It was just a basic tag match with the standard face/heel formula.

We get footage of Kevin Condron on the mic “during the break” yelling about how he’s a wrestler. He wants to wrestle. After this, the announcers recap what happened with Condron. This is another good thing from CWFH. They’re actually recapping angles instead of letting them be forgotten till weeks later.

Brody King vs. Joey Ryan

Once again, the fake crowd noise continues to annoy. That rhymed. The commentators brought up Brody’s recent issues with DJ Hyde during the match. This was a pretty basic match for the most part. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. Joey did his lollipop schtick, and it cost him the match. Brody won after hitting Joey with a Stalling Tiger Bomb. This was a good win for Brody. CWFH raised his stock by putting him over Joey. For once they made a smart move when it comes to building talent.

After a commercial break, some Asian chick (no, not Joshua Shibata, he was kidnapped) interviewed Tito Escondido. He has a match with Buddy Royal next week. He cut a promo on Buddy, then talked about his upcoming match with Peter Avalon at the Red Carpet Rumble. Good to see CWFH actually building and promoting a match for an upcoming episode.

Chris Strong, Zicky Dice, and Suede Thompson vs. The Office (Peter Avalon and the Classic Connection w/ the fake Marquez son)

The match started out with the Office attacking the babyfaces before the bell rang, but the babyfaces cleared the ring. Peter is continuing his attempt at being a modern-Ric Flair with his constant heel work and overselling of basic moves. The heels worked over Chris Strong before he got a hot tag that had lukewarm heat. There was an okay sequence where everyone hit a bunch of spots. Peter hit a Double Knee smash from a Tree of Woe position to get the win for his team. This was okay. Nothing great, nothing bad, but an overall waste of time.

Backstage, Grant interviews Tyler Bateman. He talks about DJ Hyde before the DEEJ interrupted him. DEEJ tried to play tough guy, but I couldn’t help but to laugh at how lame he was.

Tyler Bateman vs. DJ Hyde w/the fake Marquez Son

The match started out with both guys doing some striking exchanges as fake crowd noise continued to ruin the fucking show. After the opening segment, they did MORE STRIKES. Then they went outside the ring. What were they doing outside the ring? Yup, you guessed it, Frank Stallone.

Back in the ring, we have a match with a pace about as intense as a snail race. They added more to the match, by including rest holds, hair pulling, and a kick.There were a few moments in this that made the match look like an actual wrestling match, but overall this was just two guys who put on a match full of lame striking exchanges during a shitty brawl. The match ends in a double count out. What a shitty finish to a shitty match. Tyler Bateman isn’t a bad worker, but his matches are sorta becoming very stale. DJ Hyde really sucks though, so I blame him for this one.

Post match shenanigans: Bateman gets on the mic and challenges the DEEJ to a match. DEEJ then says no, and Bateman was attacked by Grimsly. This whole segment was ridiculously stupid and boring.

Final Thoughts

This episode of CWFH was a mixed bag. On one hand, they’ve improved their presentation and format a little bit. They also did a good job putting over Brody King in this episode, but how they follow up remains to be seen. The matches overall ranged from boring to decent. While this episode was a small improvement on the production side of things, the wrestling and storytelling on the show continue to be lacking.

With that said, I leave you all with the greatest Stone Cold segment ever.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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