Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 298 Review

So what the fuck? This is the 300th episode? FITE TV says it’s the 298th episode! What kind of shenanigans is Dave Marquez pulling here?

We start with a message from Dave Marquez. This is episode 300th episode supposedly. I thought it was episode 298? Has FITE TV been lying to us this entire time????? Either way, it was a nice introduction by Dave and a nice gesture to the people who watch the show, which is basically like 12 fans, the workers, and myself. After that, Joe Galli and Kevin Cotton intro the show and send it backstage to some new chick. She interviews Big Duke about the cage match, who cuts a promo about being God or some shit. This new chick is pretty hot. This show needs more of her. In the words of DJ Hyde, SUP GRRL? Also, the way the intro was executed was nicely done and had good flow to it. Way better than the usual fade in from black into a segment where some annoying dork is fucking yelling at you before someone cuts a lame promo into this show usually goes into. Also, the opening video is still outdated. Fuck man, do something about that shit Marquez!


The Classic Connection (Buddy Royal & Levi Shapiro) vs. Hunter Freeman & Daniel Parker

The crowd chanted “lose some weight” to Levi Shapiro, although I could be wrong. Still, he honestly looks like someone’s drunk uncle wearing underwear doing play-wrestling. This was a boring squash. Freeman and Parker got some bits of offense in, but it wasn’t anything that showcased them. Parker botched a springboard move. Levi used the claw of his people in this and the Classic Connection won after hitting their finishing move. Borat would’ve have taken any of that bullshit. This match was pretty boring and sucked for the most part, and Condron’s commentary blew as usual. Not a good start to the show.

Backstage, hot interviewer chick interviews Ryan Taylor. He cut a promo. This chick is way better than Toasterdork and Josh Shibata. Sorry Josh. You’re cool and all, but you’re not her.  Ryan Taylor’s promo was whatever. The chick made it worth watching just being there. Like you if just mute the promo, crop out the dude, zoom in on her, and you’d have a good segment.

PP3 Cup Tournament Semifinal Match: Ryan Taylor vs. Suede Thompson

I really hate Suede Thompson’s gimmick. His dancing looks stupid. Ryan Taylor’s calm, violent, crazy Buddhist gimmick is pretty lame too. Kevin Condron kept trying to go heat for himself by talking low. Fuck man, this dude is really fucking terrible and really takes away from the matches. Ryan Taylor kept working over the arm of Thompson, but you wouldn’t have gotten any commentary on it since Condron kept trying to do character work on commentary. Why would KDOC, CW6 San Diego, and whoever else air this show allow Dave Marquez to put this shithead on the air? He’s not a good heel, nor a good commentator. I understand this shit is leading to an angle. Spoiler alert: it fucking SUCKS.

Sorry about that. Anyways, as for the match, Suede missed a dive and hurt his leg going into a commercial break. Ryan Taylor worked it over after the commercial and controlled the match. Suede made a comeback, had a striking exchange, and hit his finisher on Ryan Taylor while selling Ryan Taylor’s leg work. The sequence wasn’t really exciting, but a few fans were chanting for Suede. They teased doing something on the ring apron for way too long before Ryan Taylor delivered a sidewalk slam on the apron onto Suede. Suede went for a 450 Splash but missed, allowing Ryan Taylor to apply a poorly executed “kneebar” type leg lock that wasn’t even applied correctly. It didn’t even look close to looking like a legitimate leg lock. Taylor got the win to advance in the PP3 Cup. This match was ok, but mostly slow and boring. It told a story, it did what it was trying to achieve, but the slow pacing really killed things. This would’ve been better if there was more condensed. And the commentary. That shit sucked.

After the match, there’s a hype package for the cage match with Duke and The DEEJ, DJ Hyde. Wow, I won’t lie, it wasn’t the coolest video package ever, but it was good for this show. Nice to see some effort being put into this show.

Steel Cage Match: DJ Hyde vs. Big Duke

The main event for the supposed 300th episode of this show started off with the DEEJ, DJ Hyde, who was literally buried in his parents’ backyard by John Zandig, attacking Duke as he made his way to the ring before the match could start. Condron continues to be a shithead on commentary by claiming he put CZW on the map. So dumb. DEEJ controlled the match to start until Duke made a comeback, but DEEJ cut it off quickly to take control again before going to a commercial. DEEJ controlled most of the match, and his offense was slow and boring as fuck. Duke made another comeback after crouching DEEJ on the top rope and did stuff.

I honestly started to lose interest in this during the third commercial break, and when the show came back it was aired in black and white due to DJ Hyde’s bloody face. This was hilarious. Duke did a bunch of offense with a chair. DEEJ made a comeback and the fake crowd noise was getting unbearable at some points. DEEJ beat up Duke with a chair and brought out a bag of a thumbtack covered elbow pad. Condron, who claimed he knew a lot about CZW and Philadelphia wrestling was bewildered when DEEJ brought it out. This was another one of many reasons why this guy sucks at commentary just like he does at wrestling. Duke put DEEJ through chairs with a slam and put on the elbow pad and put it on his knee and then kneed DEEJ in the face for the win. After the match, the color came back to end the show, which wasn’t the 300th episode. YEE.

Final Thoughts

The format of the show was actually good, as it wasn’t just the basic cookie-cutter bullshit we’ve been use to seeing on this show. The new chick is awesome. I hope that Grant never comes back. Taylor vs. Thompson was ok. They had decent performances, but the match was pretty boring. The opener sucked ass. The main event was pretty lackluster for (what wasn’t) the 300th episode, but it was given a good amount of time. The black and white thing was hilarious on TV, but I could understand. Not showing a sorta bloody DEEJ in color on the FITE app was lame as fuck. I mean, you have phone sex adds and Kevin Condron on commentary and that’s ok, but blood isn’t? Fuck outta here. Still, I give Championship Wrestling From Hollywood credit for stepping up their production and going out of the box with the way they built up the main event . The show flowed much better than before, even if the matches weren’t good. A vast improvement from where they were a year ago.

Now throughout the episode, this episode kept being called the “300th Episode” even though the FITE TV app says episode 298. What the fuck, man?

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