Rev X January 23rd

The first Revolution X show of the year 2004 comes
your way this Friday night at 7:30 pm for “Friday
Night Fever” at the Allen Theatre in South Gate.
Headlined by a four way Jr. Heavyweight title match,
plus more. Here’s the card:MAIN EVENT
Four Way For The Rev Pro Jr. Heavyweight Title
Rising Son (c) vs. Super Dragon vs. Chris Bosh vs.
Quick Silver

– As a result from the last Rev X show, Rising Son
(with help from Disco Machine) defeated then champion
Scorpio Sky in a brutal ladder match that actually put
Scorpio Sky in the shelf for a couple months. To
Scorpio Sky’s rescue, his tag team partner Quick
Silver, will be filling Sky’s spot in this match as he
will be looking for revenge for not only Scorpio Sky’s
behalf against Rising Son, but on Chris Bosh from the
actions of their lights out match at the same show in
December. Add to that equation, the wild card, Super
Dragon who is finally getting his first shot at the
Jr. heavyweight title since losing it in August.
Dragon has had his share of classic battles with both
Rising Son and Quick Silver. This will be the first
time Dragon and Bosh will meet in a Rev X, or a Rev
Pro ring for that matter. With four gifted young
athletes, it’s anyone’s game in this match with the
Rev Pro Jr. Heavyweight title at stake. Will Chris
Bosh continue to shock the world and get his first
title win? Wil Quick Silver get revenge in the honor
of Scorpio Sky’s name and take home the title to the
AXP camp? Will Super Dragon make himself a 3 time Jr.
Heavyweight champion? Or will Rising Son find a way to
retain the belt?

Semi Main Event
B-Boy & Phoenix Star vs. Disco Machine & Ronin

-With the change in the main event, Phoenix Star was
left without a partner. However Quick Silver made sure
to leave Phoenix with a top notch world class athlete
to compete against the veteran Disco Machine and the
newest member of the Revolution Pro roster, Ronin.
This will mark the Revolution X debut of the “New Age
Punisher” B-Boy as he will be bringing his strong
style offense to compliment the high flying lucha
libre stylings of Phoenix Star. However, both Disco
Machine and Ronin are both coming off huge victories
from last Saturday’s Rev Pro show as Disco Machine
scored the big pin on The Human Tornado in the main
event and Ronin got his biggest win in his young
career at the expense of Johnny Paradise to earn
himself a spot on the full time Revolution Pro roster.
Which team will win?

South Gate Street Fight
Supreme & ??? vs. The Dirty South Protection Agency

-The Supreme/Dirty South Protection Agency have been
waring since the beginning of Rev X in October when
Jethro & Buddy George decided to take out both Supreme
and Lonestar from the orders of Veronica Caine. This
led to a brutal brutal fight in November where Supreme
scored the win on Buddy George. However, in December
Buddy George (with the help of Espada de le Muerte)
was able to pull off the impossible by giving “The
Human Horror Film” his first loss in Rev X. Supreme
was fueming afterwards and issued the first ever South
Gate Street Fight challenge to the Dirty South
Protection Agency to settle the score once and for
all. However, he promises to bring “a friend” of his
to be by his side in this one. Who will it be?

Generations Tag Team Match
Joey Ryan & Johnny Paradise vs. Funky Billy Kim &
Charles Mercury

-In the second generations tag team match in Rev X,
the team of Funky Billy Kim and Charles Mercury will
be taking of Team Charisma themselves, Johnny Paradise
and “The Technical Wizard” Joey Ryan. Last month, Team
Charisma didn’t fair as well as I’m sure they wish
they had. However, they will give it another go as
they will take on the first time pairing of Rudos Dojo
student Charles Mercury and the other half of The
X-Foundation Funky Billy Kim, who is ironically, Joey
Ryan’s tag team partner in the 3 man team of The
X-Foundation. This will be the first time, to my
knowledge at least, that Joey Ryan and FBK will be on
opposite sides of the ring. Will the second time be
the charm for Team Charisma or will FBK & Mercury take
it in this one?

Lonestar vs. King Webb

-In a match which was signed at our last show in 2003,
The Evil Evil Lonestar will be squaring off against
“The King of Rev X” Webb. This one all started after
Lonestar was defeated in a tag team contest and King
Webb came out to greet all his fans. Lonestar didn’t
take too kindly on King Webb walking in and
interupting his speech. So Lonestar stole the King’s
crown and smashed in to pieces. This led to a pull
apart and the match was quickly signed in the back
shortly afterwards. Just one of the many heated
matches you will be seeing at Rev X on Friday.

Cyanide vs. El Mongol

-In another match that goes back a ways, this one all
started in November when Mongol (with the assistance
of Big Tony) held the ropes for leverage to pin
Cyanide. This didn’t sit well with the home town
favorite as he was able to gain revenge the next month
in December with his team winning. Now it’s the rubber
match and this time it’s one on one. This one should
be hard hitting.

Women’s Action
Desire vs. Nikki

-In women’s action, we got two of the more popular
women’s competitors in SoCal as Desire takes on Nikki.
These two ladies have been having a competitive back
and forth rivarly in other feds such as AWS and
Wednesday Night Pro Wrestling. This will be the first
one on one contest between the two in Rev X. Who will
take the bragging rights in saying that they are the
number one female in Rev X?

Plus one more huge match that will be announced
shortly that you should be on the look up for in the
next couple days on

::Note Card Subject To Change::

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